Faith Bible Chapel Page (FBC) was established in 1975 by Pastor Robert Morrison. Pastor Morrison and Iona, his wife, had come off the mission field in Keams Canyon (Hopi Reservation) sent out from Faith Bible Chapel in Arvada, Colorado.  FBC first held services in a double wide trailor at the residence of Pastor Rob and Iona.  After the congregation grew to around 10, a room was rented above the Mesa Theater and Rob was able to give up a job in town and was the churches full time pastor. As the numbers continued to grow, the modest congregation eventually took over the entire second floor of the Mesa Theater. When the second floor of the theater could no longer contain the enthusiastic congregation, larger floor space was sought out and was found on Vista Avenue. Soon the congregation had grown into two ex-warehouses side by side.  One serving as a sanctuary and classrooms and the other served as a fellowship hall.  There was a large children's complex that was built by the congregation and an residence on the property.  Pastor Rob and Iona left in about 1993 and after a couple of  years with several taking pulpit duties Pastor Manny and Brenda Parks  came in from Aravada, Colorado to take the Senior Pastor position.  The congregation experienced fast growth and began searching for a property to build on.  Moving from Vista Avenue to  renting the Cultural Arts Building on the high school campus the church became very mobile setting up and tearing down for services every Sunday.  After about two years FBC moved to a building that had housed the Masons on 6th avenue.  The congregation once again outgrew it's building and construction began on the building we currently call home at 551 San Francisco Rd here in Page, AZ