Hello All:
Please find the attached starter letter to speak out on the proposed changes to Title IX that we talked about last Sunday Morning.
To read up on this, go to the Child and Parental Rights Campaign website. There you will find a comprehensive description of Title IX and of the proposed revisions and its effect on our children and schools.
This starter letter is in a format that has the docket number and other necessary information on it.
The letter is meant for you to edit to use your own wording. Feel free to cut, and add your own thoughts and ideas. One you have it the way you want it, you can save it on your computer and download it on the Child and Parental Rights Campaign Website.
Just get on the Website, Click the red  "Learn More" tab. This will take you to the Title IX page. About 2/3 of the way down the page you will see a tab with red letters "Submit Your Comments to The Federal Register Here." Click it and it will take you to the Federal Register Website.
Click the Green tab that says "SUBMIT A FORMAL COMMENT"
It will have a comments section. If you have your letter already done on your computer, you can skip that, got to the drop down box and choose whether you are a parent/relative, child advocate or as appropriate.
Click the green "Add a File" tab and download your letter. Give them your email address. Click that appropriate box for you and then the "I have read...." box and then submit.
This is a great chance to make a stand for our children and values.
Thank you.
P. Manny